Welcome to our What’s Next Series.  We have created this series of short webisodes to help you stay informed and provide guidance.

As we navigate through these challenging times, and ask ourselves “what’s next ?” we are reminded of how fortunate Chicago Title and Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company is to be part of this strong real estate community of our agents that support each other to accomplish great things. It is the power of this community that will move us through this to brighter days. Please click here to view a message from our State Manager, Thomas Flynn,  and a video we created in appreciation of YOU.

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2021 Guide: Tech Gifts and Gadgets

Doing some holiday shopping? Check out this What’s Next webisode to get some inspiration on the latest tech gadgets. Our Technology Director, Rick Diamond and Senior Underwriting Counsel, Lynne Murphy Breen give an overview and links to purchase some of the hottest gadgets of 2021.

Our warmest wishes for a wonderful holiday season.

Back to Basics: Preparing a Title Policy

Hosted on September 14, 2021

In this webisode Sara Ann Supple and Kristi Kaufman discuss helpful topics such as when you will want to use the Homeowners v Basic ALTA policy, where to put different kinds of known matters and why sometimes the Exhibit A on your mortgage is different than the legal description used for the final policy. This webisode is a follow up to the Commitment and Title Review. We welcome additional questions by e-mailing bostonsocial@fnf.com and we will respond to you directly or address the question in a subsequent webinar.

Back to Basics: Here Today… Gone Tomorrow???

Hosted on July 13th, 2021

Our next installment of our Back to Basics series breaks down liens and timelines. Lynne Murphy Breen and Susan Walsh are going to discuss liens, when they expire and how to remove them from title, including some tricky liens which may not be gone when you think they are. If you have any additional questions you have always wanted to ask or wondered about, let us know and we are happy to address it on July 13th at noon.

** Recorded presentation will be available soon.

Presentation Slides

MA Lien Expiration Chart

Back to Basics: Best Practices in Title Review & Preparing Your Commitment

Hosted on June 8th, 2021

We are going back to the basics! Agency Attorneys Sara Ann Supple and Kristi Kaufman discuss best practices in reviewing title exams and preparing commitments. Some of our favorite FAQs, deal with scope of search, MLC tips and tricks, when to order plot plans and how to decipher if something is a requirement or an exception. We welcome additional questions by e-mailing bostonsocial@fnf.com and we will respond to you directly or address the question in a subsequent webinar.

Underwriting Flexibility and Practice Tips during COVID-19

Hosted on June 9th, 2020

On April 8, 2020, our underwriting department sent out a memo addressing some of the FAQs we were receiving in response to the State of Emergency due to COVID-19. Two months later, we are still under similar conditions and the reopening in phases creates more uncertainty. Please join us in this discussion on the FAQs with Agency Attorneys Sara Supple and Kristi Kaufman, hosted by Agency Representative Deb Martino. We welcome additional questions by e-mailing bostonsocial@fnf.com and we will respond to you directly or address the question in a subsequent webinar.

Cyber and Wire and E&O – Are You Covered As You Think You Are?

Hosted on October 19, 2021

In this webisode our claims expert, Michele Green, educates you on what to look for in your E&O policy to protect against wire and cyber fraud loss. As a reminder, our partner, Riebling Insurance, can provide a commitment-free review of your current E&O policy coverages.  Please e-mail your local agency representative for more information. We welcome additional questions by e-mailing bostonsocial@fnf.com and we will respond to you directly or address the question in a subsequent webinar.

A BLUEPRINT TO BETTER HABITS: Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results

Hosted on May 11, 2021

Do you need new habits to accomplish your personal and professional goals?

Based on the book Atomic Habits by James Clear, in this webisode our special guest, Nicky Lewenson Shargel, dives into how creating small, daily habits can have a lasting impact and help you accomplish your long term goals. Whether it is getting fit, running your business more effectively or finding more time, she shares steps to give you remarkable results to reach your personal and professional goals.

Nicky is the Head of Business Development for Guaranteed Rate’s Shant Banosian Team, the #1 Loan Officer in the country for the last 3 years, doing $1.7 Billion in lending in 2020!

The Latest Local Market Forecast: 2nd Quarter & Beyond!

Hosted on March 9, 2021

Join our special guest speaker, Anthony Lamacchia, Owner & CEO of Lamacchia Realty. He has been featured on local Boston TV news channels & publications (WCVB Channel 5, Fox 25, Boston Globe) and has been a featured speaker for Inman, Zillow, and the National Association of Realtors. He will be discussing his current analysis of the local real estate market and will provide real estate market predictions for the 2nd Quarter and the rest of 2021.


Ace Your Audit!

Hosted on January 12, 2021

Join us for a Q&A with our own Senior Audit Director, Mary Allmer moderated by Nancy Brady. Mary provides guidance on best practices for your real estate trust accounts, what our audit department is looking for during an audit and how to avoid common mistakes.

Wire Fraud and Cybersecurity 2020.

What’s new during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Hosted on November 17, 2020

COVID-19 and the global pandemic has changed the game in the Wire and Cyber security space – it’s not just the same old story.

Find out:

  • How criminals are exploiting the new environment
  • What criminals are targeting
  • Tips to prevent wire fraud
  • What to do if the worst happens

Join us for a timely update on what you need to know.

2020 – The Office Reimagined: The Importance of Technology in the Remote Workplace

Accessibility, productivity, and security are the keys to maintaining a safe and successful office. Join our own Rick Diamond, Vice President of Agency Technology, as he discusses:

  • The latest technology for mobile client communication
  • Cybersecurity: How to secure data when working outside the office
  • How to maintain security when employees work remotely
  • How to avoid the latest scams and risks
  • Tips for a successful remote workplace



PPP Flexibility Plan and Massachusetts Reopening Update

Hosted on June 12, 2020

If you have lingering questions about the PPP Loan Program, which is still available and was recently extended and updated, be sure to join us for this recorded What’s Next Webinar Series!

Our friends at Rich May, P.C. have allowed us to share their June 12th webinar, entitled Changes to the PPP Loan Program, with you. Questions addressed include “How will the new law affect my existing loan?” and “What effect will the law have on businesses still applying for loans?” They will also discuss the process of reopening Massachusetts businesses under Governor Baker’s reopening plan. To review all of the latest COVID-19 legal developments, visit their website.



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