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Email Fraud/CFPB Warning

In response to the rampant rise in wire fraud, and because we are in prime home buying season, the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) has published a warning to consumers involved in the purchase and financing of a home who may become the target of email scams. It is a worthwhile read for both you and your clients, and contains helpful links to other articles and to the authorities who are dealing with cybercrime; the link is below. 

Your office, and the buyers, sellers, realtors, and lenders that you work with, may become the target of these fraudsters. Please remind your staff that any request by email to change wire instructions before or after settlement is ALWAYS a red flag and those requested changes must be verified by making a call to a trusted phone number from your file. 

Here are 3 practices which we recommend to protect against wire fraud: 

  1. Be sure that all parties to the transaction are using email services that provide Multifactor Authentication (MFA) and make sure it is enabled. If the buyers, sellers, and realtors that you are communicating with are not protected, the fact that you are will not matter.
  2. Do not call attention to wiring instructions or other NPI which may be included or attached to an email; instead, use the property address as the only Subject of the email and title of attachments. It might take someone an extra 10 seconds to read the body of the message or open the attachment, but it is worth the extra time involved.
  3. Never wire funds based upon the content of an email only. Always assume the email has been compromised somewhere along the way and validate all information over the phone, using a trusted phone number (not a number included in the email).

If you experience a wire fraud, or an attempt to obtain funds by providing false wiring instructions, contact your bank first; then contact the bank to which the funds were wired.  If funds are not immediately recovered, please be sure to contact your underwriter.  To report an incident of cyber fraud, go to the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) at and contact the FBI's Boston office at 617-742-5533.   



Agency Insights is produced for our valued agents. We’d like to hear from you! We invite you to submit write-ups of special events and activities, including:

• industry-related recognition for individual or office accomplishments;
• involvement in industry-related events;
• compliance or Best Practice stories; and
• involvement in community-focused activities.

Agents can send submissions and available photos to their agency reps. 



FRAUD Insights

An insightful and interesting newsletter that raises awareness of fraud and forgery occurrences in our industry and provides tips and tools that will aid in the detection and prevention of fraud. Fraud Insights also provides improved processes and procedures for all operations to embrace.

July 2017 - CONSPIRACY? Order for Probate, Communicating with the Signer  

June 2017 - CANCELLED or suspended entities; Acknowledgements

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April 2017 - ATTEMPTING to divert a wire out of the country

March 2017 - DATE-TIME stamped emails reveal scheme

February 2017 - BONDS that tie us together

January 2017 - On Parole, 1099-S, History of Notaries

December 2016 - Internet Searches, Defending the Company's Reputation, Divorce: A sale or Refinance?

November 2016 - ATTEMPT to divert a wire transfer

October 2016 - You are the company's most valuable asset, Cultivate safer practices, Exempt volume transferors

September 2016 - Celebrity is No Excuse, Small Claims Court, $600,000 Forgery

August 2016 - Uninsured Deeds, Designation Agreements, and more




AGENCY Insights


Agency Insights is produced for our valued agents

May/Jun 2017 - Volume 8, Issue 1 (PDF version)

May/Jun 2017 - Volume 8, Issue 1 (Web version)

Mar/Apr 2017 - Volume 8, Issue 1 (PDF version)

Mar/Apr 2017 - Volume 8, Issue 1 (Web version)

Jan/Feb 2017 - Volume 8, Issue 1 (PDF version)

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Nov/Dec 2016 - Volume 7, Issue 6 (PDF version)

Nov/Dec 2016 - Volume 7, Issue 6 (Web version)

Sep/Oct 2016 - Volume 7, Issue 5 (PDF version)

Sep/Oct 2016 - Volume 7, Issue 5 (Web version)




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